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For all your Detroit metal fabricating needs
CBP Fabrication, Inc. began in Brighton in late 1999. As both our customer base and the size of our jobs grew, we relocated to Detroit in 2001. With more space, equipment, and employees, we continue to grow so that we can provide our customers with the highest quality workmanship and constant commitment to 100% on time delivery.

CBP Fabrication, Inc. employs family and friends with as many as 30 years expert experience in the Metal Fabrication and Machining Industry.
1 - 48" x 60" De Velig Boring Mill
1 - Radial Drill with 4 Foot Table
1 - 96" Radial Drill
1 - Verical Mills with Mitutouyo Readouts
1 - Southbend "Turn-Nado" 17" Lathe
2 - Jet Drill Presses
1 - Tri-Head Powermatic Drill Press
Accurshear 1/4” x 10 ft.
Accupress 175 ton Brake Press 12 ft. capabilities.
Hyd-Mech M20 Saw Cuts 20” x 30” Mitres up to 60 degrees
Hydmech M16 Saw Cut off saw cut 12” x 18”
Spartan IW88 Ton Ironworker
MG Flame/Plasma CNC Burning Machine
4 -Torch Airco Burning Machine with Burny 2.5 attachment
25 - Miller Welding Machines (Delta541)
4 sets of Portable Torches
40 Ton Scotchman Ironworker
75 Ton Hydraulic Press
3 – Pak 100 Plasma Torches
Various Sanders & Grinders
3 Kioke Line Burner
Full Steel Rack
Full Steel Plate Rack
10 – Fitting Tables (largest 12’x28’)
10 – Welding Tables
35,000 sq. ft. building
3,200 sq. ft. Paint Shop
2 - 5 Ton Cranes
3 - 10 Ton Cranes
4 - 5,000 lb. Fork Lifts
10,000 lb Fork Lift
5 Graco –700 Airless Paint Sprayers
Metal Fabrication News and Features
Photos of just some of the state of the art equipment in our 35,000 square foot facility.
20" x 30" CNC Cut Off Saw
CNC Flame Cutting Machines